Managing the learning goal orientation of an entrepreneur

What does the research tell us?

The learning goal orientation (LGO) of an entrepreneur is their approach to managing difficulties. Entrepreneurs with a high LGO would be expected to master challenging tasks and work harder when faced with difficulties than entrepreneurs with a low LGO, who would be expected to value mentoring more. St-Jean and Tremblay (2020) found the opposite through their study i.e. that entrepreneurs with a high LGO sought mentors more frequently, but it was the entrepreneurs with a low LGO that benefitted more from mentor help.

What are the recommendations for practice?

This study suggests that programme managers could aim to take a measure the of the LGO for the entrepreneurs they support on their programmes. This can also help to allocate the time and resource of mentors e.g. by providing more frequent meetings or a longer period of mentoring support for entrepreneurs with a low LGO. While entrepreneurs with a high LGO may be requesting more support, they may not necessarily be benefitting from it and all the while may be capable of managing some difficulties themselves.

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St-Jean, E., & Tremblay, M. (2020). Mentoring for entrepreneurs: A boost or a crutch? Long-term effect of mentoring on self-efficacy. International Small Business Journal, 38(5), 424-448.

DOI: 10.1177/0266242619901058