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Arca, the hub for coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs was founded in 2021 and is led by Dr Harveen Chugh, winner of two National Enterprise Educator Awards. Harveen is a Consultant and Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Warwick Business School.

Through her practice as a coach, mentor and consultant on government-funded and higher education entrepreneurship programmes, she recognised the opportunity to develop the field further with practical insights and grounding in research.

While she was a faculty member at Imperial, she led a research project on entrepreneurship coaching funded by Imperial College Learning & Teaching Strategy Fund, which led to the formation of Arca.

Arca aims to support the coaching and mentoring of entrepreneurs by informing and enriching practice, so we can provide entrepreneurs with the best support possible to develop and grow their businesses.


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The NCME Network

The Network for Coaching and Mentoring Entrepreneurs, NCME, was co-founded through a research and practice collaboration between Dr Harveen Chugh and Victoria Nicholl, along with the support of Enterprise Educators UK. Our purpose is to enable enterprise educators to share practices on coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs. We aim to provide the best support possible for entrepreneurs by sharing resources, discussing key themes and advancing knowledge on coaching and mentoring for entrepreneurs.


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